Evolution of the Society - Badagabettu Credit Co-operative Society

Established In the Year 1918

Co-operation is one of the best morals in the Indian Culture. Co-operation is a social process. Co-operation is Universal and persistent.The attitude of the people to forget their selfishness and maintain mutual interest is the solid foundation and the concept of cooperation.The World’s highest level of global organization, the UNO is also a symbol of cooperation in the various fields of society.
Co-operative bodies are the integral part of the cooperation concept.The role of SahakaraSanghas in the entire success of the co-operative sector, which has been continuously stepped up in a long history of hundreds of years.In this regard, “Badagabettu Credit Co-operative Society, Limited, Udupi”, recognized in the National Level, with its continuous achievements, fulfilling the wishes of the people of all classes of society in the Coastal Karnataka with a sense of commitment and with responsible function.
The main business of co-operative firms is not only to make profit, but also social development.The key principle of cooperation with social co-operatives is that it cooperates with the need for social consciousness with the co-operative establishment to serve as a service organization and have succeeded in achieving that goal. In this regard, our Co-operative Society with its unprecedented achievement within its field of cooperation, co-ordination and social care programs recognized at taluk levels, at district level and at state level, is the only Co-operative Society, who is the recipient of prestigious “National Award for Co-operative Excellence”, for the second time, by the Central Government Co-operative Department (N.C.D.C).

Founded by Late JagannathaBallal of KatapadyBeedu, under the Madras Presidency in the year 1918, our Society’s main business was providing Agricultural equipment, fertilizers, sowing seeds, and insecticides to the farmers of Udupi till 1979. Hence, the growth was not at anticipated level.But in the 1980s the administration of the Association which was under the Department of Co-operative Affairs, was led by senior associate Sri ShambhuShetty, along with the governing council members, and Board of Directors, Late Dr. S. RamanandBhat, Sri SanjeevaKanchan, Sri P. K. Sathyanarayana, Sri Chandrashekhar Shettigar along with the unmatched services of the Managing Director, Sri Jayakar Shetty Indrali has got a new dimension to the progress and development of the Society.The annual turnover of the Association in 1980 which has a total of Rs. 6,200 share capital and Rs. 4,664 deposit from just 306 members, is now reached an average of over Rs. 3.75 crore per day. Currently, the share capital around Rs. 4.30 crore from 18,000 members and collection of deposits exceeding Rs. 339 crore and we are considered as an independent and self-sufficient entity.Out of the Rs. 260 crores of outbound debt in the report year, the Society shall not seek any financial assistance from the D. K. District Central Co-operative Bank, Government or any other financial institutions. But with the consolidation of its own resources, conducting trading and banking business and provides its members with various types of service and financial facilities depending on their requirements.

  • Established in the Year 1918: Main Branch with Head Office at Mission Compound, Udupi
  • 1985: Bailur – Korangrapady Ration Section
  • 1995: Indrali Branch
  • 2002: Bailur – Korangrapady Branch
  • 2003: Udyavara Branch
  • 2005: Ambagilu Branch
  • 2006: Udupi City Branch
  • 2013: Malpe Branch
  • 2016: Shirva Branch
  • 2019: Kukkikatte Branch
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