History - Badagabettu Credit Co-operative Society

In the year 1918 our Society was founded by Late Jagannatha Ballal of Katapadi Beedu under the control of Madras Government. Till 1979, since the society was mainly doing business of supplying and distributing agricultural implements, chemical fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, ration items to local agriculturists, growth was not to the expected level. After taking over the management from the department of co-operative societies by the managing committee headed by late Dr. S. Ramananda Bhat, Sri Sanjeeva Kanchan, Sri P.K. Sathyanarayana, Sri Chandrashekar Shettigar under the leadership of Sri T. Shanbhu Shetty and due to the selfless service of Sri Jayakar Shetty Indrali as the General Manager, the growth and progress of the society found new dimension.

The Society has a fully computerised Administrative Office in its own building ``Chethana`` Commercial complex in Mission Compound, Udupi, with 14 rooms being rented to others for various purposes. In addition to a fully computerised Air-conditioned Headquarters and Main branch at Udupi, it works in 10 fully computerized branches at Indrali, Bailur – Korangrapady, Udyavara, Ambagilu, Udupi – City branch in the heart of Udupi, Malpe branch in sea-shore Malpe, Shirva branch in Shirva – Manchakal, Kukkikatte Branch near diana theatre Kukkikatte and Manipal Branch Opposit of KMC Hospital Manipal. Out of these except Bailur branch remaining all are operating in their own buildings. One of the key requirements of the Society, a Conference Hall, and named “Jagannatha Sabha Bhavana” is constructed in memory of the founder of the Society, Late Katapady Beedu Jagannatha Ballal. It has been set up to equip 400 to 500 seats.

    Late Sri Katapady Beedu Jagannath Ballal

    In the year 1918 our Society was founded by Late Jagannatha Ballal of Katapadi Beedu under the control of Madras Government.

      “A good Society is not only the financial heart of the community, but also one with an obligation of helping in every possible manner to improve the economic conditions of the common people and social service to the society”

      Founding Principles

      • To Serve the people of the Society
      • To remove Superstition and ignorance.
      • To spread education among all to sub-serve the first principle.
      • To inculcate the habit of thrift and savings.
      • To transform the financial institution not only as the financial heart of the community but the social heart as well.
      • To assist the needy.
      • To work with sense of service and dedication.
      • To develop a concern for fellow human being and sensitivity to the surroundings with a view to make changes/remove hardships and sufferings.
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