Facilities - Badagabettu Credit Co-operative Society

Provides nationwide money transfer system for members of the association.

The government’s ‘Yeshasvini’ health insurance plan is provided to all members of the association and members of self-help groups.

The money that has been transmitted from all countries of the world has been set up to get all the branches of the association in just a few minutes.

The Government programme of Distribution of Ration materials are being provided to 1000 beneficiaries in the Bailur – Korangrapady branch of the Society, in terms of Service, though it is not profitable.


For security, the head office and all branches of the Society are provided with CCTVs. Similarly security guards are assigned to buildings where association branches exist.Fire extinguisher equipmenthave been installed for emergency fire protection.An online camera system has been implemented to facilitate viewing of branch business in the headquarters.

For the purpose of raising savings attitudes for the school children, a “0” balance student Savings Plan is implemented.

The Death Relief Fund Scheme implemented for the financially backward members of the Society to provide with financial assistance for the expenses of last rituals when a death occurs in their family.

About 1500 different size Safe Lockers have been installed inside the broad-air-conditioned security rooms in all branches, for the security of the Jewelry and documents of the members and the customers.

The state government’s e-stamping plan has been provided to the members through the Association.

In order to provide quick service to customers, messaging through SMS facility provided.

Provided RTGS / NEFT facilities.

The Life Insurance Corporation’s Micro Insurance Policies are made available to the members of the poorest class at all branches of the association.

Providing health insurance coverage to consumers and members, in association with Star Health and Allied Insurance Company.

Pan Card facility to the member at minimal charges. 

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